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Pam Waters - Broadland Yacht Brokers

With such enthusiasm for the Broads, boating and the marine industry, it's clear to see why Broadland Yacht Brokers is a company for people who love boats and love the Broads!

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Broadland Yacht Brokers

Originally from Yorkshire, Pam Waters, owner and managing director of Broadland Yacht Brokers, has long harboured a love of both Norfolk and boating. Starting from when she was just a baby Pam's family holidayed on the Norfolk Broads - from the earliest age she fell in love with the wide open skies and reed-fringed riverbanks of Norfolk's waterways, as well as the joys of boating. From these beginnings Pam developed a lifelong passion for all things Broads (and boat!) related.

Moving to Norfolk with her family later in life Pam was determined to start a career in the Broads boating industry - eventually becoming an agent with a local brokerage company. Here she found that she loved the challenge of a sales environment and meeting the different people that the job brought her in contact with. As a consequence Pam gained a wealth of valuable experience with a host of different types of boats - from canoes, cruisers through to luxury yachts.

Encouraged by the support of past and present customers, as well as friends and family, Pam eventually decided to ‘go it alone’ and set up her own company. Determined to provide a yacht brokerage service which combined high quality service with her enthusiasm, Broadland Yacht Brokers was born.

The company has now evolved from the traditional kind of brokerage service into a specialist marketing agency for boat lovers wishing to buy or sell boats. Using Pam’s expertise and contacts within the area, this new service is a result of changing demands from customers for a more flexible approach and is already proving extremely popular with both buyers and sellers alike.

Pam's love of the Broads doesn't end with the working day - she can regularly be found on the rivers and banks of Norfolk with friends and family. Pam also often bumps into clients who have since become firm friends - who keep her updated with the latest news on their boating experience.