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We very much appreciated your professionalism and knowledge to help us make the right decision. Mr & Mrs White, Brighton


It's been a pleasure doing business with you and we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Tricia, East Sussex


We needed someone we could trust to buy a boat from and our trust in you was not misplaced. Mark & Pauline, Cambs


Buying our first boat was made much easier with your experience and honesty. Geoff & Margaret, Essex

Thinking of boat ownership?

Owning and sailing your own boat or yacht can be a dream come true. However, before you leap into boat ownership there are several key questions that you need to ask yourself. Spending a little time considering a few critical points can stop you diving in at the deep end!

Broadland Yacht Brokers have compiled below a short list of things we recommend you consider before taking the boating plunge,

Whether you decide to go for a brand new build or a quality used vessel Broadland Yacht Brokers will be pleased to provide all the help and guidance you need to choose your ideal boat

Key questions to consider:

What kind of budget do you have?

In considering your new boat make sure that you aren't stretching yourself financially. A new boat should be a source of joy and pleasure - not a millstone of debt! Look realistically at what you can afford - if you can't afford a totally new build then Broadland Yacht Brokers will be delighted to help you find a high quality used boat (Check out our extensive Used boats and New boats listings for details).

How are you planning to use the boat?

Is your new boat for use on the inland waterways or do you have ambitions to navigate further afield in it? What kind of sleeping or cooking areas do you need (if any)? Do you intend sailing it over the summer weekends or just a few days a year? Perhaps at the other end of the scale you intend to live on your boat full-time? Will anyone be using it whilst you're not?

What boating experience do you have?

This may seem pretty obvious but it can have a real bearing on the enjoyment of your new boat. If you've never set sail in anything larger than a dinghy or a canoe a full size pleasure craft or yacht is a vastly different beast! If in doubt, get some experience first - Broadland Yacht Brokers have excellent links with several reputable boat rental companies meaning you can try hiring a boat similar to the one you have in mind to get a feel for things before you purchase.

Where are you planning to keep your new boat?

Consider what will happen to your new boat when you're not using it. Is it small enough to fit onto a trailer and so be transported home when its not in use? If it's a bigger craft where do you intend to have it moored? How much will a mooring cost? Broadland Yacht Brokers have links with marinas and boatyards throughout the Broads and can help in finding the perfect home for your new boat.

Considering these questions now can help you refine your idea of what style, size or type of vessel is right for you. With our extensive marine experience Broadland Yacht Brokers can provide advice and guidance to ensure that you purchase a craft that's exactly right for you.