BYB Announces New Brokerage Service

Changes to BYB

On 1st May Broadland Yacht Brokers Ltd launched a new brokerage service and became an advertising agent for boats across the Norfolk Broads.

For three years Broadland Yacht Brokers Ltd have offered a full and completely traditional brokerage service across the Norfolk Broads. However, it has become clear that owners today want to be much more in control of their own boat sale and often didn’t feel the need of a broker further than the extensive marketing coverage that they could give. To this end, following an evaluation of the business BYB will now allow owners the opportunity to be included in our comprehensive marketing coverage complete with our established branding whilst being in complete control.

This new, modern, convenient and cost saving way of selling your boat puts owners in control of everything from the online details to viewings and negotiations. Depending on the value of your boat you could be saving hundreds, if not thousands of pounds in commission fees. For example, the industry standard commission rate is 8% plus VAT with many brokers charging in excess of £1,000 worth of minimum fees. BYB’s new service could see you sell your boat for as little as £20.

Broadland Yacht Brokers extensive marketing includes the major boat selling websites, all of which reach millions of potential buyers each month, social media sites including Facebook and Twitter and of course the high ranking BYB website which has over 300 unique visitors each day and 3,500 registered customers.

Previously, many owners were happy to carry out their own viewings, negotiate and ultimately sell their own boat and no reduction in commission fee was available. A lot of buyers didn’t want the hassle of the “red tape” needed when buying through a broker and this did lose sales. BYB’s new approach is a way of bridging the gap between owners “going it alone” and having a full brokerage service which they don’t actually need, ensuring that maximum and, most importantly, professional, marketing is available. BYB will be happy to offer any assistance whenever needed and can be available for pre-booked viewings should this be necessary. But ultimately, the new service allows you to take advantage of the powerful marketing already built up by the recognised brand of Broadland Yacht Brokers except you do things your way.

It's an exciting time for BYB and this new service has already been well received by new and existing customers who have realised the savings that could be made. Full details can be found on our website or please get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Date Updated: May 6th 2015