BYB Customer Saves Over £5,000 on Traditional Brokerage Fees

It doesn't have to cost the earth to sell your boat

What would you do with £5,000? Save it? Spend it on your next boat?

Well, one BYB customer has that exact decision to make. He has saved OVER £5,000 on traditional brokerage fees just by marketing his boat with us.

By using BYB's Enhanced Marketing Package his boat has sold within two months costing him less than £100. Do the maths for yourself and the sums will add up to Broadland Yacht Brokers.

If you would like to make considerable savings when selling your boat take a look at our "Selling a Boat" page for full details of the packages we offer. There's even a downloadable listing agreement which you can complete and return to us with a range of pictures of your boat and we'll get her listed straight away. If you're quick your boat could also be marketed to hundreds of visitors at the 2016 Horning Boat Show taking place this coming weekend.

For an informal, no obligation chat about how we can help you call 01603 784440 or pop into our Horning office on 25 Lower Street.

Date Updated: April 25th 2016