BYB Sells Over £990,000 Worth of Boats

Another Bumper Year for BYB

It's our "end of year" and whilst preparing the books for the accountant isn't one of our favourite jobs it is always a great opportunity to reflect on our performance over the last twelve months.

And what an eventful twelve months of trading it has been. We have gone from being a traditional broker to certainly being "not your average broker" and turning the industry on its head by offering a completely new service for boat owners.

We are pleased to confirm that over the last twelve months we have sold over £990,000 worth of boats and despite us breaking away from the traditional method of selling boats and trying something new, the introduction of our new, innovative marketing service has not seen a drop in sales. In fact we have been boosted by the number of people who tells us that our new service is a "great idea" and "just what was needed in the current economic climate".

It's great to see that our preferred methods of marketing our owners' boats are obviously the right ones and even better to know that we are now saving them hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds in commission fees. The new marketing packages that we have introduced have put owners back in the driving seat of their own boat sales and given them the confidence that at the heart of BYB are our core values of excellent service and customer satisfaction, whilst ensuring that costs are kept as low as possible and offering personal one-to-one attention.

We are looking forward to the following twelve months and as more people learn of our services watching the new way of boat selling roll out across Broadland. Thank you to everyone who has supported us.

If you are thinking of selling your boat and want to save money on traditional brokerage charges but not loose any of the promotional benefits get in touch. We'd love to discuss how we could help you save £££'s.

Date Updated: October 6th 2015