Excellent Customer Satisfaction Results

Impressive Results & Comments Received

We've had a fantastic response to our recent customer service survey, so a massive thanks to everyone who has taken the time to complete the online questionnaire. It is vital that we exceed our customers' expectations and continue to build on our reputation of personal, honest and professional service.

The collated survey results are incredibly positive with over 80% of our customers "extremely satisfied" with the service that they have received whether they were buying or selling a boat and the majority telling us that we are better than our competitors. Feedback also stated that we are "extremely responsive" and our website is "extremely clear" whilst we were told that BYB has "the personal touch", "care for our customers", "go the extra mile and are a support system in a time of uncertainty".

Other comments about what we did well were:-

"No changes required, just stay the same, as you grow"

"Friendly, personal service keeping me well informed throughout the sale process"

"Friendly approachable staff. Punctuality and promptness of response"

"Make the customer feel comfortable. The service was what I expected as BYB came highly recommended from a friend. Some competitors are poor and others are also very good. Keep doing what you're doing"

"Interacts with its potential customers and purchasers at a very professional level"

"First impressions are of a very friendly and personal service. We don't buy or sell a boat that often, but Pam helped us at every step of the way and always responded promptly to any questions we did have. We were impressed by the amount of time and attention spent on us, considering that we weren't purchasing a particularly expensive boat".

"Excellent customer care for both buyer & seller"

Whilst we are, of course, very pleased with the results we will continue to strive to provide every customer with the very best service no matter what their budget or requirement and will continue to request customer feedback in the future. We are always happy to receive constructive feedback from our customers so if you do have any comments, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

Date Updated: November 25th 2014