Sell & Save with BYB

Huge Savings for Boat Owners

BYB is definitely not your average Broadland broker. We put you firmly at the helm of the selling of your boat, giving you the option to control viewings, offers and the listing.

Choose between a traditional brokerage service for just 4% commission or save money by choosing one of our marketing packages where we do NOT charge a final commission fee. Our marketing packages simplify the whole process of selling your boat with monthly prices starting at just £35. There are no tie in periods, no exclusivity requests and ultimately no restrictions. And we can offer all the same services as other main brokers but you only pay for what you use, making it cheaper than ever to sell your boat.

It is a popular misconception that boats don't sell in the winter but in fact, our experience shows that it is a very popular time with many a viewing taking place in the wet and snowy winter weather. We are also receiving lots of enquiries at the moment for a whole range of boats.

So, if you are thinking of selling your boat don't wait until the start of the season, list her now! Full details of all our marketing packages can be found on our website, choose either the Basic or the Enhanced package and download the Listing Agreement, complete and return to us along with a selection of pictures and we are good to go. Alternatively, if you would prefer our traditional brokerage service get in touch and we can arrange an appointment.

Sell your boat within a month and it could have cost you just £35!

Date Updated: January 23rd 2018